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Fredrik Ritter von Stransky Stranka Greifenfels married Emma Hazel Delaney Rudstam 2018. Together they decided to live their passions.

Fredrik not only played games on his free time, but also got a job in sales at Dragon's Lair, Stockholm. He grew his network and knowledge of both the industry and the customers over 15 years before opting out to run Greifenfels full time.

Emmas passion for boardgames grew on the side of her career in IT consulting. She accepted a job in Umeå, straight out of uni, and quickly moved. But as soon as she got settled she realized that she did not know anyone there and life was getting lonely fast. A friendly soul took her to a student board game night, and there she found her community.

"Board games make it so easy to hang out."

When Fredrik finaly lured her back to Stockholm she quickly got involved in stockholms largest tabletop game club, and spent the next 3 years running it with a team of volunteers.

Emma and Fredrik saw an opportunity to start a business as a distributor of game accessories in the Nordic Countries. After investigating and analyzing they finaly decided to try. Today Greifenfels delivers great products and great service to swedens biggest tabletop game stores!

Our mission: To enhance your game experience

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